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In Feng Shui your front door is called the “Mouth of Chi”. In other words, the way your front door looks, the quality of chi that enters your house. These factors affects your Prosperity and Luck. We are attracted to beauty and so is Chi. A beautiful attractive house is a magnet for Good Luck. A house that has nice paint, an attractive front door, nice view and lighting all determines the energy that enters your home.


The quality of energy outside the house determines the quality of energy inside the house. 

• The paint is in good shape.
• It is swept and clean.
• The door is dust-free and attractive.
• The door looks auspicious.
• The doormat is in good shape.
• Plants are vibrant and healthy (if not replace).
• The lighting around the door looks good.
• There is no trash/rubbish bin close by.

Give your front door a good make over, and if necessary, change the front door or repaint it. Swap the door handle with a new model handle, clean the dust out of the lamp light, and add some attractive plants.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.

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