It’s really working & effective, I bought Feng Shui Crystal Pyramid & Car protection Hanging, Thanks Lee as she explain what u really need not like others only to sell.

I was quite upset in the past but today am feeling mentally comfortable and handling my family & work smoothly in life. Explain Lee your exact situation and problem you are facing and she will provide effective solution. Thanks again & God Bless u.


I’m quite satisfied with her friendly Feng Shui Service.
Quite happy with her friendly Feng Shui Services.

It’s so simple, effective and works nicely.


It’s really gives positive energy, thanks.

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Simple and straightforward advise ….quintessentially classical service!
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Feng Shui works.I am sure it will work.Products are really gud and seems to give positive energy.Really grt.Feeling better. Thanks.
Very much disturbed for the past few months. Luckily found Lee on the internet. Her fengshui treatment is amazing. After getting my house layout done by lee and fengshui products recommend by her, I get peace, happiness in my life again. I must say, if you have any problem in life she has the solution. Thanks Lee from the bottom of my heart.
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Dear Lee Li Yen,
How can I ever thank you!!!
I was searching for someone in the field of Feng shui ,to help me break the negative cycles that had trapped me owing to deep unhappiness at Health front. Lee Li Yen honesty helped me and family understand what I was doing wrong, gave me the courage to change my attitude and take control of my life in a positive way. Your in-depth analysis of Five Elements Feng Shui and detailed recommendations of the changes in our home and our minds led us to several amazing benefits. We feel that her Feng Shui suggestions improved our life and that we are now in improved circumstances.
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Lee has given very helpful suggestions in order to help bring the environment of my home to balance. Her products are very useful. Thank you.

Samata Shah

Found out about Lee from the net. And she has been helpful ever since. She did our house analysis and recommended the products which we purchased from her. I had endless questions about missing corners, placements, cures and enhancers, so many recommendations to change coz of constraints……….Well Lee was so very patient and dedicated. She guided constantly till i had everything in place. And now I am ready for 2019 to be a better and balanced year for our home and its residents. Thanx a ton Lee for all your guidance. Really appreciate it.


It’s been a while that I have been following Lee’s recommendations. She says, Fengshui is not magic and it works when you least expect it.
I am glad that I trusted her. Have been using a few stuffs recommended by her and I am really thankful for her guidance.she helps you with all your queries patiently. My belief for Fengshui has only increased. Highly recommended. She is superb!


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Raman Kumar

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Rajeev V