What is Feng Shui & Why Use Feng Shui Items for Good Luck?

Feng shui items for good luck are tokens and charms from the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. This practice, steeped in tradition and wisdom, harmonizes individuals with their surrounding environment. The fundamental principle behind Feng Shui is the “Chi” or energy flow. Proper alignment and placement of Feng Shui items can enhance this flow, ushering in positivity, prosperity, and good luck. These items range from wind chimes, coins, and crystal balls to laughing Buddha statues. Each item holds a unique significance and attracts different kinds of luck. Choosing the correct Feng Shui item for your home or office can bring positive change and create a serene, prosperous environment. Embrace this ancient wisdom and discover the transformative impact of Feng shui items for good luck.

What are Some Popular Feng Shui Good Luck Items?

Various Feng Shui items are specifically designed to attract good luck. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a critical item in the Feng Shui world. This plant, which is not Bamboo but a member of the Dracaena family, is believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. It’s a decorative indoor plant and a symbol of good luck. The number of bamboo stalks also has a special meaning in Feng Shui. For instance, two stalks represent love, three stalks symbolize happiness, wealth, and long life, while five stalks stand for the areas of life that impact wealth. Place your Lucky Bamboo in the east or southeast area of your home or office to attract the most luck. Remember, caring for your Lucky Bamboo is essential, as a well-tended Lucky Bamboo enhances the positive energy it brings.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is another powerful Feng Shui item known to bring wealth and happiness. This cheerful statue embodies the spirit of joy and contentment. In Feng Shui, the Laughing Buddha, also known as the Buddha of Happiness, symbolizes good luck, abundance, and prosperity. Placing the Laughing Buddha in your home or office is believed to invite good fortune and positive energy. To maximize its impact, place the Laughing Buddha facing the main entrance. This position allows it to absorb negative Chi, transforming it into positive energy. It’s essential to treat the Laughing Buddha concerning maintain its positive influence. Remember to dust it regularly and never place it on the floor. Embrace the joy of the Laughing Buddha and invite good luck and happiness into your life.

Dragon Turtle

The Dragon Turtle is a legendary Chinese symbol that combines the courage and determination of the Dragon with the longevity and wisdom of the Turtle. It’s a vital Feng Shui charm that draws the positive energies of good health, long life, courage, and success. Brimming with power and positivity, this iconic Feng Shui item brings balance and tranquility into any environment. If you’re seeking career success and stability, place the Dragon Turtle in the north sector of your home or office. To boost your health and longevity, keep it in the east sector. The Dragon Turtle, facing the main door, also acts as a guardian, protecting your home or workplace from harmful spirits and bad luck. Treat this symbolic creature with respect, and it’ll reward you with a life entire of fortune, longevity, and prosperity.

feng shui chinese coins

Chinese Coins

Chinese coins are classic Feng Shui items that attract monetary luck and wealth. These coins, typically tied together with a red string, represent the unity of heaven and earth. In Feng Shui, the round shape of these coins symbolizes heaven, while the square hole at the center signifies earth. The red string that binds the coins energizes them, attracting good fortune and prosperity. Chinese coins make an excellent Feng Shui charm for wealth and success.

To welcome wealth and good luck, hang them inside your main door so that they face your home or office. For those seeking success in business or career, placing Chinese coins in your wallet or purse or in your cash register if you’re a business owner is also beneficial. Remember, the Yang side (the side with four Chinese characters) should always face up when using Chinese coins. Treat these coins with reverence; they’ll reward you with abundance and prosperity.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a quintessential Feng Shui item renowned for their ability to attract positive energy and good luck. These melodious charms are more than just decorative pieces; they are instruments that guide and enhance the flow of Chi in your environment. In Feng Shui, the gentle, soothing sound of wind chimes can clear negative energy, promoting a flow of good fortune and prosperity. You can hang wind chimes in the west, northwest, or north areas of your home or office to enhance your wealth luck, mentor luck, and career luck, respectively. Choose wind chimes made of metal for a more substantial, more potent energy shift. Remember to carefully place your Feng Shui wind chimes and treat them respectfully for the best fortune-boosting results. Embrace the harmony and good luck these Feng Shui items can bring to your life.

How do you use feng shui items for good luck?

To use Feng Shui items for good luck, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Right Items: Understand the significance of each Feng Shui item and choose the ones that correspond to the kind of luck you wish to attract. For love, opt for Lucky Bamboo with two stalks; for wealth, consider Chinese Coins; or for happiness, choose the Laughing Buddha.
  2. Position Correctly: Place each item in the appropriate area of your home or office. For instance, place the Lucky Bamboo in the east or southeast, the Laughing Buddha facing the main entrance, and the Dragon Turtle in the north for career success or the east for health.
  3. Treat with Respect: Feng Shui items should be treated with respect and care. Dust them regularly and keep them in high regard. For instance, never place the Laughing Buddha on the floor.
  4. Activate with Intention: Your intention is the most critical aspect of using Feng Shui items. Make sure to activate each item with a clear intention of what you hope to achieve.
  5. Maintain: Lastly, maintain the condition of your Feng Shui items to attract good luck continually. For example, a well-tended Lucky Bamboo enhances the positive energy it brings.

Remember, Feng Shui items can bring harmony, balance, and good luck to your life. Choose the items that resonate with your goals and place them mindfully within your environment.

Do Feng Shui Items Work?

The effectiveness of Feng Shui items is often a topic of debate. However, many believe in their power to bring positive energy and good luck. These Feng Shui items work on the principle of energy flow or Chi and how it impacts our lives and environment. They can help to create a harmonious atmosphere, encourage wealth, improve health, and attract happiness if used correctly. But it’s important to remember that these items are not magical – they can’t change your life overnight. Their power comes through the gradual improvement and transformation of your environment and, in turn, your life.

Moreover, your intention, belief, and respect towards these Feng Shui items also play an essential role in how effectively they work. So, do Feng Shui items work? The answer depends on you. If you trust in their power, place them correctly, and treat them respectfully, they can help bring positivity and prosperity into your life.

Feng Shui Items for good luck

Where to Buy Feng Shui Items?

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Most Frequently Asked Questions 

How do Feng Shui items work?

Feng Shui items work by harnessing the power of Chi, which is the life force energy that flows through everything. These items are strategically placed to encourage a positive flow of Chi, enhancing harmony, wealth, and prosperity in your life. Your intention and respect for these items are the key to their effectiveness. With the proper placement and a clear goal, Feng Shui items can shift the energy in your environment, leading to improvements in various aspects of your life, be it health, wealth, or happiness.

They’re not magical items but tools that help create a more positive and prosperous living or working space. To get the best results, choose the items that match your goals, place them in the suitable locations, and keep them clean and well-maintained. Explore our extensive range of Feng Shui items on our website to find the ones that resonate with you. Remember, a harmonious environment paves the way for a balanced life.

Where should Feng Shui items be placed in the house for good luck?

Placing Feng Shui items in your home for good luck requires understanding Feng Shui principles. Still, it’s a simple process that can bring about positive changes. Here’s where to place some everyday Feng Shui items:

  1. Lucky Bamboo: Place this in the east or southeast part of your home to promote good health and strong relationships.
  2. Laughing Buddha: Welcome happiness and prosperity by positioning the Laughing Buddha facing your main entrance.
  3. Dragon Turtle: Place this powerful symbol in the north for career success or in the east for good health.
  4. Wind Chimes: Hang wind chimes in the west, northwest, or north areas of your home or office to enhance your wealth luck, mentor luck, and career luck.
  5. Chinese Coins: Attract wealth by placing these in your wealth area, usually the southeast.

Remember, how you maintain your Feng Shui items also impacts their effectiveness. Keep them clean and treat them with respect. Explore our extensive range of Feng Shui items on www.leeclassicalfengshui.com and choose the ones that match your goals.

How to cleanse Feng Shui items?

To cleanse Feng Shui items, you follow a few easy steps. First, dust off your items regularly. Dust can block the positive energy or Chi, so keep them clean. For deeper cleansing, you can use natural elements like sunlight or moonlight. Expose your Feng Shui items to early morning sunlight to energize them. Or, let the full moon’s soft glow cleanse and recharge them overnight. You can also use smoke from a sage smudging stick to clear out any negative energy. Importantly, while cleansing, set your intention and ask for all negativity to be removed and for the item to be infused with clean, positive energy. Remember, the key to Feng Shui’s effectiveness is the care, respect, and positive intention you put into it. 

Can I gift Feng Shui items?

Yes, giving Feng Shui items as gifts can be a wonderful gesture. It shows that you care about the well-being and happiness of the person receiving the gift. By gifting a Feng Shui item, you share a symbol of positive energy and good luck. When choosing a Feng Shui gift, consider what the item symbolizes. For example, a Lucky Bamboo represents health and strength, while a Laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Always cleanse the Feng Shui item before gifting it, as this clears any negative energy and allows the new owner to set their positive intentions. 

feng shui good luck items

What are the most powerful Feng Shui items for good luck?

On top of the list of powerful Feng Shui items for good luckhe list is the Laughing Buddha. Known for bringing joy, wealth, and prosperous energy, placing the Laughing Buddha in your home or office can attract positive vibes. Next, we have Lucky Bamboo, a symbol of strong health, resilience, and prosperity. Chinese Coins are also popular Feng Shui items for attracting wealth and abundance. The Dragon Turtle, a symbol of longevity and courage, is believed to bring good health and career success. Lastly, Wind Chimes are used to enhance wealth luck, mentor luck, and career luck. The soothing sounds they produce are also said to bring calming energy into your environment. Whether you want prosperity, health, or happiness, these Feng Shui items can help set the right energy. Just remember to place and maintain them correctly to reap the maximum benefits. 

Is it okay to have second-hand Feng Shui items?

Yes, using second-hand Feng Shui items is perfectly fine, but they need a proper cleaning first. Second-hand items might carry old energy, which needs to be cleared. Use the simple steps mentioned earlier to cleanse your Feng Shui items. This includes regular dusting to keep them clean, exposure to sunlight or moonlight for energy, and smoke from a sage smudging stick for deep cleansing. When doing this, set a positive intention to clear any negative energy. Once cleansed, second-hand Feng Shui items can bring good luck, prosperity, and positivity to your home or office, just like new ones. Remember, the key is in your intention, respect, and properly maintaining these Feng Shui items. So, whether new or second-hand, you can use Feng Shui items to create a harmonious and positive environment.

What if my Feng Shui item breaks or gets damaged?

If your Feng Shui item breaks or gets damaged, it’s best to replace it. Broken or damaged Feng Shui items may not channel positive energy effectively. When an item breaks, it often suggests it has absorbed much negative energy. So, consider it a good sign that it has done its job and protected you. When replacing, choose a new item that aligns with your goals and resonates with you. Remember to cleanse the new Feng Shui item before placing it in your home or office. Regular cleaning and good care can keep your Feng Shui items working at their best, bringing prosperity, good luck, and positive vibes into your life.

How often should I replace my Feng Shui items?

There’s no set rule for how frequently you should replace your Feng Shui items. It’s more about keeping them clean, energized, and in good condition. If your Feng Shui item appears dull, lifeless, or damaged, consider a replacement. Regularly cleanse your Feng Shui items to keep their energy vibrant and potent. Use sunlight, moonlight, and sage smoke for effective cleansing. Replacing Feng Shui items also depends on your personal goals and your feelings towards the item. If it no longer resonates with you, find a new symbol that aligns better with your intentions. Always remember that the effectiveness of Feng Shui lies in respect, positive intention, and proper care.

Can the same Feng Shui item bring good luck to different people?

The same Feng Shui item can bring good luck to different people. The power of a Feng Shui item doesn’t lie in the object itself but in the intention and belief of the person using it. Suppose you and someone else both have a Laughing Buddha, for example, and believe in its ability to bring joy and prosperity. In that case, it can work effectively for both. The key to unlocking the positive energy of Feng Shui items is respecting them, maintaining them well, and having a positive intention. So, the same Feng Shui item can bring good luck, prosperity, and positivity to different people, whether it’s a Lucky Bamboo, Chinese Coins, or Wind Chimes.

Are there any Feng Shui items to avoid?

In Feng Shui, most items are used to attract positive energy and good luck. However, there are a few things that you should avoid. Always avoid objects with sharp corners or edges, as they are believed to create ‘Sha Chi’ or killing energy. Avoid clustering too many Feng Shui items in one place, as it can create a chaotic energy. Be mindful of the Bagua or the Feng Shui energy map of your home, and avoid placing items in inappropriate areas. For instance, a Water Fountain should be placed outside of the South area of your home. Lastly, avoid cheap and low-quality Feng Shui items. They might not hold the positive energy as effectively as high-quality items. Remember, your intention and respect towards these items are key to harnessing their full potential.

What is the best time to place Feng Shui items for good luck?

The best time to place Feng Shui items for good luck varies depending on the item and your intentions. However, a common belief is that installing Feng Shui items during the Lunar New Year brings extra luck. Harnessing the energy of the New Moon phase can also be beneficial. Yet, remember, the most crucial factor is your positive intention when placing the item. Visualize your intentions clearly and affirm as you place your Feng Shui item, whether a Laughing Buddha, Lucky Bamboo, or Wind Chimes. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these items also help maintain their energy and effectiveness. So, place your Feng Shui items with care and belief, and they can indeed usher in prosperity and good fortune, no matter the time.


Feng Shui items are powerful tools to attract good luck, wealth, and positivity into your life. Whether you’re using a Laughing Buddha, Lucky Bamboo, or Wind Chimes, the positive intention and respect you hold unlocks your energy. Remember, new and second-hand Feng Shui items can work wonders but need regular cleansing. Sunlight, moonlight, and sage smoke are great for this task. Broken or dull items? It’s best to replace them with new ones that match your goals. Clustering too many Feng Shui items together or choosing low-quality ones can disrupt positive energy. So, choose wisely, place with intention, and keep them well-maintained. This way, you can harness the full potential of your Feng Shui items for prosperity and good fortune.