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Generally, do you feel your life has been a mess? Is nothing working according to you? Besides, do you think negativeness in your life? Worry no more because I am here to help you! The best Feng Shui Consultant in Kerala.

The solution lies in Feng Shui 

Space and the environment that we live or work in consists of energy. Hence, I will help you remove those negative energy and clutters that are hampering your life. Therefore, Hire us, and I will help your space to flow with positiveness.

I am a certified Feng Shui Consultant in Kerala. Based in Kerala but works with clients all over the world. In short, I offer expert Feng Shui consultation. Fifteen years of working has helped us gain more and more experience. Over the years, I have consulted many clients (read their testimonials). Moreover, the clients are from residential as well as commercial sectors.

Our Mission strives to make the lives of people better through our extensive study and research. “Discover the gateway to things you want.”

Understanding How I Offer Feng Shui Consultation?

Origin of Feng Shui dates back to the era of the mid-Neolithic, 6000 years ago. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy. You can call it an art of systematic placement. Thus, a technique that changes lives. Feng shui is based on Yin(dark) and Yang(light) energy as well as five elements.

The five elements and their directions are as follows:

Element & Direction

  • Water: North
  • Earth: North-East/South-West
  • Metal: North-West/West
  • Fire: South
  • Wood: South-East/East

Chi, in other words, Universal energy, flows in the space. So, Feng Shui’s main motive is to improve the vital chi flow in areas. It explains how your environment affects your life, how the right connection with the situation can change your life for good or evil. Light, colour, and placement of objects and furniture affect the chi flow. Therefore, selecting the right amount of light, colour, and correct installation is essential. As a result, this attracts positive chi and prevents the flow of negative ones.

And such selection is made by us. I apply an ancient art to enhance the modern living of life. Thus, just like you need a painter to paint the house, similarly you need a Feng Shui Consultant to unleash the hidden power of space. “Organize your Space, Organize your Life”

Moreover, the need for Feng-Shui arises:

  • Buying / Selling a House/Business/Apartment.
  • When any area or aspect of your life is not working correctly. (Example: health, wealth, happiness, love, relationship or career)

Benefits of Feng Shui

“Align the Spaces, Align the Flow of Energy”

  • Removes the negative energy.
  • It provides you with a sense of relaxedness.
  • Improves relationships and health.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Strengthen careers.
  • The business will prosper to a new level. Furthermore:
  • Get a stress free corporate workspace environment.
  • Higher staff retention rate.
  • Increase in productivity level.
  • Better communication.
  • Improved quality of teamwork.

About Lee – (Feng Shui Consultant in Kerala)

Lee is a renowned Feng Shui Consultant in Kerala. I have a profound understanding of the interconnection of the environment with humans. Moreover, over the years, I have helped hundreds of individuals and firms. Consequently, our team has gained extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the field. Not only for households but I have worked for offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. also.

“Rectify, Remodel and Regulate your life.”

The STEPS I follow:

Step 1: Understanding

At first, understanding the clear need and issues of the client. It can be health, wealth, happiness, love, relationship or career. Or a combination of some. 

Step 2: Space assessment

Afterwards, the house/office evaluation. It is done either through personal evaluation or through photos. If personal visits are not possible, pictures of all the corners, entry, and rooms of the place are required. Moreover, the floor plan of the location, date of construction/renovation, birth dates of occupants/Laoban(Boss) of the site is required. 

Steps 3:Explanation

Later, I explain to you about spaces, problem areas, and the Feng Shui process.

Step 4: Forming a plan and implementing it

Finally, after locating the problem areas, remedies and suggestions will be stated. A customized map designed for you will be provided. This will include telling about the placement and arrangement of furnishings and objects. In addition, Feng Shui essentials will be recommended. “Modifications that can Modify your Life.”

What makes us different from others?

Therefore, enhance the quality of your life with the top-rated Feng Shui Consultant in Kerala.

So, Feel The Transition, Feel The Positiveness.

  • Our methodology involves integrating ancient art with modern scientific techniques.
  • I assure speedy recovery and great results.
  • Our team is detail and customer-oriented. Thus, I provide our clients with tailored solutions depending upon the customer’s needs.
  • Moreover, I also offer telephonic consultations.
  • Suggestions: The suggestions I make are EASY TO IMPLEMENT. Moreover, they are based on your needs and your budget. Similarly, I offer ideas that match your taste and style. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing and appealing.
  • A great listener who yields excellent results. Moreover, there is more to this.
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