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In Feng Shui, Regardless of whether you dine in dining room regularly or not, there are some simple feng shui rules about the living cum dining room that you will want to observe anytime.

feng shui-Dining-room


1. Use Burn pine or cinnamon scented candles.

This stimulates appetite and is a natural scent from trees. Avoid sweet floral scents. Unscented candles are fine, too.

2. Arrange seating to face one another. 

Position chairs and sofas to face one another. This will keep feelings more cheerful and prevent everyone from being “at odds” with each other, the way L-shaped seating so often does. It will also keep everyone in the living room and out of the kitchen.

3. Provide for fun in Dining Areas.

Give your guests something to do such as games, cards, scrambles or even board games that gets them interacting (instead of just staring at the TV). These are great fun for adults and kids  that’s contained and gets everyone participating. All that fun and laughing brings your house beautiful happiness chi!

4. Quarrels start at the Dining Table?

Excess wood energy is to blame. Put a red or orange tablecloth on the table to diffuse disagreements and exhaust the wood energy that gets everyone arguing. The red color will make everyone hungry and focus on the food. Alternatively, use a candle in your centerpiece to burn up excess wood energy.

Important: Kindly consult any Feng Shui Consultant/Expert before making any changes.